SaaS (software as a service)  and PaaS (platform as a service) have become part of the everyday tech lexicon since emerging as delivery models, shifting how enterprises purchase and implement technology. A new “_” as a service model is aspiring to become just as widely adopted based on its potential to drive business outcomes with unmatched efficiency: Artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS).

AI (Artificial intelligence) is a third party computational system designed basically to help efficiently in different fields. Different AI designer platforms offer a number of styles in machine learning.  AI focuses on cognitive solutions designed with an explainable mind, its cloud offerings including Amazon machine learning, Microsoft cognitive service and Google Cloud machine learning can help organizations what might be possible with their data, it goes beyond POC (proof of concept) in organizations that are ready to scale out. AI deployments require flexibility and technology that cloud platforms offer.

An AIaaS provides vertical understanding on how to leverage the data to get meaningful insights, making data far more manageable for people like claims adjusters, case managers, or financial advisors. In the case of a claims adjuster, for example, they could use an AI-based solution to run a query to predict claim costs or perform text mining on the vast amount of claim notes.

robot playing grand piano
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 The AI industry is a fragmented space with hundreds of AI providers which offers DIY (Do it yourself) development platforms. In business platforms like Amazon, a pre-trained AI is chosen for computer vision, languages, recommendations and forecasting, Amazon sage make to quickly build, train, and deploy machine learning models at scale or build custom models with the support of all the popular open-source frameworks. Other commercial industries adopt AI as an intermediary between them and the customers, it provides a platform where buying and selling could take place, getting customers’ requests and delivering efficiently.

Data that can be most useful within organizations is often difficult to spot. There is simply too much for humans to handle. It becomes overwhelming and thus incapacitating, leaving powerful insights lurking in plain sight. Most companies don’t have the tools in their arsenal to leverage data effectively, which is where AIaaS comes into play.

AIaaS models will be essential for AI adoption. By delivering analytical behavior persistently learned and refined by a machine, AIaaS significantly improves business processes. Knowledge gleaned from specifically designed algorithms helps companies operate in increasingly efficient ways based on deeply granular insights produced in real time. Thanks to the cloud, these insights are delivered, updated, and expanded upon without resource drain.